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About TanfoglioParts.com

TanfoglioParts.com is a resource for International dealers, distributors and consumers to learn about, and purchase, high quality custom parts for Tanfoglio and other competition grade pistols.

International Dealers: please note, as a US State Department registered exporter we can ship almost anything to you, including products not listed here (brass, bullets, ammunition etc). Please see our International Distributor page for more details on the itms available and contact information.

If you are from the USA please go to HenningShootsGuns.com/shop for US pricing.

Top Sellers

Flat Trigger System

Improve the trigger feel by installing the Flat Trigger with it's high attention to detail for a smoother feel.
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Competition Magwell

Large, efficient magwell for Tanfoglio / EAA Witness IPSC Open, USPSA Limited and IPSC Standard division pistols
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Contour Grip

Designed to be ergonomically comfortable and display pure beauty from every angle that you look at them.
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Fiber Sight

The first high quality made front sight for Tanfoglio / EAA Witness Elite model pistols.
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